DEEP SEA FISHING CLUB is committed to delivering responsible gambling services in a safe and friendly environment.

For the majority of people, gambling is a form of entertainment and recreation. For some, gambling can unfortunately have a negative effect on their lives.

DEEP SEA FISHING CLUB is actively committed to assisting our patrons when needed with gambling, alcohol or other addictive behaviours. As an organisation we are always looking for innovative ways to provide a superior level of service and support to any patrons in need.

DEEP SEA FISHING CLUB has a broad range of support services available and we encourage patrons to make use of these services whenever needed. DEEP SEA FISHING CLUB staff and management are also always available to assist you.


BetSafe provides comprehensive support including 24 hour counselling service and a self-exclusion program.

Contact 1800 BETSAFE (1800 238 723) or visit